Main Hardware Failure

Detect and Solved Notebook Problem

Well  today I want to talk about the most cases, here I don't want to mention any single brand just because I don't want to make a problem with the brand maker. The most cases which is happened in common laptop is blank doesn't matter it is a new or it is second hand laptop. This issued commonly caused by some hardware failure begin from hard drive failure to Bios failure.  Below I will show you how to troubleshoot this problem for some common blanks cases and also some brand.

- Blank laptop (no amber and no lights )
   * Please check your battery is it well attach or not
   *  Check  your power adapter it has normal current or not
   If your battery is not well connected to the terminal it will cause loosing power and when you press power button you will see nothing happen. in the other hand some time improper plug in the battery may cause the power short and make your laptop cannot be power on.
for some cases and brand cracked power chord can be a problem which lead to burning "Fat " which regulate and measure the electrics current to your battery and laptop. When you found problem like this one better for you to hurry up and replace the power chord before it is too late to get action done.

- Notebook cannot start (start for about two second and restart continuously)
* Check hardrive bad sector
* Check hardrive Partition
* Some part of your netbook has been shorted

Today I have to finish this problem soon because my customer doesn't want to wait longer than usual but it's okay for me because it was my daily jobs. So the explanation from above problem is like this

This case happened because of partition failure when I press the power button I saw the notebook restart on and on why because Bios cannot read the initial system which is located inside the hard drive. The solution was to repair the partition and repairing the the system and walla ... two hour I got the result for now the computer  is working fine.

-  Notebook restart continuously after "Welcome Screen"
This is a common problem which is happened to some brand of notebook. This problem can be caused by wrong driver, bad kernel or even the worst one is VGA malfunction. here I will show you how to determine which one cause this problem and how to resolve this pain.

 * Start your computer in safe mode by pressing F8 key.
 * Try to enter device manager and find Display adapter.
 * Right click sub directory under Display adapter (to disable VGA driver)
 * Restart your computer and try to enter in normal mode.
If the above step doesn't have any effect, please try the next step.
Your VGA has due operation and need to be replaced, but sometimes we also find this problem in new netbook. This mean that your netbook need VGA Chip replacement.

Advance Problem Detection

For advance problem detection I will show based on common measurement from hardware failure and malfunction.

1. First you should check adapter attach to your laptop using Voltmeter .
     Most laptop consume about DC19 volt  as their main power. Some brand and type avoid to use 19     Volt DC as their main power source. For the list of the brand and type I will show you later in              separate page.

2. Checking Power Sequence
    Here we need more than just voltmeter and power source, we also need Bench power lab to support the detection process.

3. When you see the charging indicator is working normally but your laptop can not be power one, then you should trace the problem block per block.

I will continue the article next time.