Can't access our laptop's bios

Couple days ago a friend of mind asked me about how to access Laptop Bios, while based on it's manual we have to press F2 keys in order to access its bios. That is right, when we talk about H2O Bios then we have to press F2 key to access its bios but different keys also apply for different bios. For some bios you have to press dell keys for the other you have to press F8 key or F10 key, its depend on its brand.
So how when we can't access bios when those relate button already being pressed and nothing happen?
That is tough situation but don't worry take a look below of this article for its reason.

Can't access bios for these following reasons:

- Damage access keys.
 Related keys can't work as it designated, usually cause by bad contact and sometimes also because of chip malfunction.

- Hardware malfunction.
 Related to keyboard malfunction or damage keyboard, so when we press the related keys it will not bring up bios screen.

 - Freezing Bios
Related to the others hardware malfunction, this cause by damage hard drive caddy, hard drive failure, and also RAM failure.

- Blank
 Related to Bios chip, when we press keys to access Bios it will not bring anything except only blank screen and nothing show up on our screen while the LED indicator still working or giving sign for a while.

Here are practical solution to access your bios.

- You can try to use external keyboard to access your bios.
- Dismantle your part such: DVD Room, Hard drive caddy, Hard drive
- Pull out CMOS battery which is located inside your laptop, usually under under touch pad for Taiwan
   brand and near RAM for some European brand.
- When all above trick doesn't yield something, it mean you have to reprogram your bios chip or flashing
     your bios chip using flashing tools.


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