How to clean clogged printer head

Wondering how to clean your ink printer head?
Today I will show you how to clean clogged ink printer head which you can't clean using printer cleaning command. Before we start better for you to understand first which part is called printer head and which part is called ink tank. Some people often confusing and can't differentiate which part from their printer having malfunction or can't work as it should be.
Ink tank is a plastic container which is used to save the ink while some other printer.
Some printer brands combine these two part together to make it cheap in production cost and also to make it easy in replacement.
Printer Head

Printer head is a part that works as ink sprayer.

After you know about this part let's go talk deeper about its problem.
Head clogging commonly cause by:

1. Low-quality ink (not originally manufacture for this type)
2. Dust.
3. Tiny paper which is slip in.
4. Clipper.
5. Unsupported papers.
6. Rubber band.
7. Needle.
8. Staple.
9. Touch by hands.
10. Some pressure on its surface.

Above mentioned factors were found when I was working on these problems, not to mention the other things that not commonly should be there like comb, teeth and others.
I believe some of you didn't mean to drop that thing.

After removing those foreign materials have cleaned your printer using cleaning command from your computer but the printing results still cut out or having some blur lines than you need to do below steps.

1. Prepare some air pressure or you can use your tire pump.
2. Prepare a bottle of ink.
3. Prepare gloves or other protective cloth.
4. Tissue papers

Input ink (see four pole in the middle)

1. Disassemble your printer head from its place and clean it using tissue papers, don't touch the head surface or it will make your head worse than before (see shiny part on above image).  Don't forget to use your gloves when removing it.

2. Put some air pressure around 2 bar to input ink (see image on the right side and notice four pole in the middle, that is input ink) gently till you see some ink come out from head surface.

3. When you see ink spray not in the straight line or spray diagonally it means that head nozzle having clogged problems or you will see one missing line when you print a document, so you must put more air pressure to input ink gradually till you see the printer head can spray ink like it should be.

When you think there is no diagonal spray from your printer head it means, it's the time to check your printer head before you set it on its place. Try to put some ink via input ink and then apply again 2 bar air pressure to it. When this time you can make sure that there is no diagonal ink spray, now you can put your printer head back in its place. After putting all together in its place including ink tank now its the time for you to clean your printer using cleaning command (2x) on your computer, this means to recharge your ink head so your print head ready to make some action. Please only do this if you are really understand what are printer parts for and how to repair it, do it on your own risk.


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