Rescuing Files from being hidden by virus

How to rescue hidden files in pen drives when your antivirus can not recover it?
How to rescue hidden files in pen drives when your system unable to find it?

       Some people experience these problems when they plug their pen drives in public places computers like an internet cafe or even public library. How come this has happened when public computer rental or an Internet cafe has their own security guard? honestly, this is not some kind of bad virus either, the author of this program just want to play or test their ability in creating some codes which prank computer users. But some authors may have different purposes like stealing some information from other users.

As long as it is you don't loose your pen drives then you can recover your files. You don't need any special tools to do it, just do it by yourself. Here how to do it:
(This trick tested in Windows 10, it has similar steps for the other Windows)

Option Menu
1. Plug your pen drive to your computer USB.

2. Open your pen drive using Windows Explorer.

3. Then go to View>>Option menu (see image)
Folder Option

4. Klik Option and choose Change folder and search option

5. A dialogue box will come up (see image).

6.  Klik View then you'll see some list inside a box.

7. Change the setting on:
   - Show hidden files, folder and drivers.
   - Uncheck Hide empty Drives.
   - Uncheck Hide extensions for known files type.
   - Uncheck Hide folder merge conflict.
   - Uncheck Hide Operating system files

8. Click Apply button and close this dialogue box.

9. Back to Windows explorer where you left (no. 2).
image from
Hidden Files (image by

10 Now you can see your drive content.

11. Browse inside listed folder where your files were hidden.

12. Copy your hidden file to others drive or to your computer drive.

13. After all, files has been copied, now it's the time for you to format your pen drive.

14. After clean format those bad guys will leave your pen drive and you can copy your files back to your pen drive.


1. Never delete folders inside your pen drive before you made a backup of your files but
    don't copy any unknown exe file inside it.
2. You can't delete this harmful program directly, it was protected by your system using vbs code.
3. For the harmful program, it does not have icon and its capacity rating from 160 Kb to 560 Kb.

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