Copying files from hidden or lost partition

       Somebody must be pissed off when they found their hard drive has been disappeared.
Not just because they intended to but because of some unexpected program or malware behaviour that hide the hard drive or even delete the partition for the worse cases.
I will try to elaborate as clear as possible how to copy files from the hidden partition using the simplest way.
       To do this process better for you to prepare some tools which is very handy to make our DIY solution better. Actually there are two ways about how to do these simple process but on this occasion I will try to explain the process inside operating system to make it simple, I believe some of you better to do this inside operating system than none. 


1. You need to download this free software, can be found here.
2. You need adequate hard drive space it can be twice in size or adequate with the data.


Finding hidden partition
Scanning process
  1. Boot your computer and install software you had  downloaded before.
  2. Plug your hard drive via USB using HDD enclosure  or you can use drive caddy and plug in via your DVD Room (you must unplug your DVD room first).
  3. Execute the program.
  4.  When you had run the program you will see your hard drive inside the box. Its the time for you to find your lost program by get to Action menu then choose Scan. Here you can choose whether to use Fast Scan or Full Scan.

    Finding hidden partition
    Partition Find And mount
    • When the missing hard drive partition was found you could see it below the main Hard drive.  
    • After Scanning process is finish it's the time to right click your missing partition, and choose mount your hard drive and you can pick for yourself the best drive letter you want.
    • After mounting it's the time for you to copy your whole necessary file to the other blank space, better to use different drive as a place to copy.
    • After copying process is finish then you can right click it and unmount it.


    - Careful about what you do, because this is unstable process when you plug your hard drive via USB.
    - When your hard drive is clicking then don't continue your process, it useless and wasting your time.

    Good luck, when there is a question regarding this process you can drop me a message below.

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