Fake and scam BTC software

Bitcoin, well it is a digital currency which gains popularity lately and getting higher in exchange. Most of the people investing more than they do as usual in a business. While this positive side is growing, of course, the negative side also growing much faster than you can imagine. A lot of people losing their fortune while investing in this business, are you one of those people? We wish you are not one of those victims. By increasing the negative effect from this business we will try to warn you which one is legitimate and which one is a scam or even worse for your business. Based on that fact "Negative effect" we will discuss some software which seems legitimate for some dreamers including me (Too good to be true). Today there is a letter which is sent by a person who asked about bitcoin software whether it is legit or not or even worse, it is a virus or bitcoin stealer. 

We had investigated enough some software which they claimed as legitimate one but actually, it brings misery to users. Let's begin:

  •  BTC Adder 2017 V5
This software seems legit for some users after we do some purchase and testing it, what we saw really unbelievable fact that this is not the one you want. So be careful not to use this software. It said that it could add some satoshi in your wallet but actually it did nothing except deceive you with Error Message "Your Windows Firewall or Antivirus software blocked connection!
We know your feeling when you purchased a software and bring nothing to you. 

  • Coinbase Stealer 2017
 This software at glance it seems dangerous for us, and actually, it is true and you can't get anything from this software except losing your BTC. This deceives software only use some standard coding to manipulate its process to make it seems normal software like the others. After two hours doing research, we can give you this information base on data we have. After executing activation key, you will see below message which saying it doesn't do nothing.

BTC Scam
Coinbase stealer fake message

So we hope you can enjoy this short article and when you have a question about this topic please drop us a message below.
Hope this can answer your question.

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