IP 2770 Stuck and can't enter service mode

This question derived from an email that came to my inbox a couple of days ago. Hope this article will help you to solve your problem shortly. When you found your printer under overload condition then the thing you need to do is reset its counter, but how when you can't enter safe mode while you have tried many times to enter safe mode in order to reset your printer. Been trying many times to push the magic button but yield nothing and only paint in your brain. See below for the explanation about what happened to your printer.

The first time you push the power button that is the time where printer checking its components whether its components ready to work or not. When your printer found some problems with its components, it will send you a message via light blinking code for this type of printer. It will be different when you deal with a printer with LED display you will notice some error code on its display. Surely every blinking code having its own meaning and only understandable when you know or having its error code table which you can see here.
All data that contains components note or setting are stored in Eprom chip which is located in the mainboard. This chip having limited capability to store data and how it is a threat, so be careful when you deal with this chip.  
Flashing Canon MP Eprom Chip
Can't enter in safe mode

So how do we enter safe mode? well, that is a complex process and we can't go instantly to that process. It is better to you to prepare your tools and open your printer board and try to locate its EEPROM chip. See above sample picture where you can see an MB from popular printer manufacturer and having such problem just like in the title.  Locate its Eprom chip which has eight pins and having special numbers. Pull off that chip using hot air or soldering iron, and leave its board in cool condition for about fifteen minute. Then take a replacement chip and put it on the mainboard. then wait a few minutes to make board temperature back to normal. The final step that is you have yo put your printer board back to its place. Done you should have your printer back in the normal state.

Sorry for this short explanation, because I am such in hurry to do urgent thins. When you need something to ask please kindly drop me a message bellow.

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